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Are you looking for a religious home where everyone is welcome; where emphasis is put on personal responsibility rather than on sin and guilt, where your joys and concerns are shared and where your friendships are deepened? Come grow with us in the liberal religious tradition that respects ideas, values, diversity, and encourages the exploration of spirituality and life’s meaning.

Our Mission

We are the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Nashua, NH. We seek to provide an accepting community and spiritual haven in a changing world. Our mission is to engage people in a search for truth and meaning within a supportive liberal religious community that encourages personal/spiritual growth, embraces diversity, and promotes social justice.

Sunday services are at 10:00am – come join us!

“Choose Your Own Book” Auction 2016 is coming!!

book shelfThe theme this year is “Choose Your Own Book”. The single largest fundraiser for the church year is coming on March 19th. All proceeds from this event help to support our church. The items for the auction are all donated goods and services from you, the congregation. To learn more about the Auction, what and how to donate, and to be involved, click here.

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    Here is snapshot of what’s coming up this week.  Be sure to check the full calendar so you don’t miss out!

UUCN Current News

We Have Officially Entered the Blogosphereblogospheregraphic!

Our site has turned on the blog feature.  Rev. Allison has launched our first blog post and will be posting on a variety of categories going forward.  As we move forward with this feature, we will tweak as needed to ensure all those that visit the site enjoy the best experience.  All comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged, so please be sure to email the UUCN Webmaster (link below).

New Sign Installed at UUCN

The sign project began on October 23, 2012 with an email from our then Interim Minister, Olivia Holmes. OliviaSAM_0137 expressed concerns about the wording of the sign and its visibility. Olivia emailed both the Property and PR Committees, but it was decided that this was a Public Relations responsibility. The original sign was done by Marshall Signs, so a meeting was arranged with Carl Marshall. He met with Sherri Woolsey, Olivia Holmes and Bill Kennedy. Designs were submitted and the one you see today is the final choice.
The project was an expensive one and the Public Relations (PR) Committee had a limited budget. Fortunately, they learned that the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Nashua had a special sign fund called the Slanetz Fund and they were able to tap into that for the entire cost of the project ($5,285)  After the design was chosen and the funds allocated, they next had to go through Nashua city bureaucracy. Approvals were needed from the Historic District Commission, the Planning Department, and the ZBA (Zoning Board of Adjustment). Bill met with all of them to get the needed approvals, including the required variance.


SAM_0131Our contractor moved slowly, for various reasons, including a very harsh winter and needing a custom made third granite pillar, however, the project is now 99% complete. The final step will be to run power from the church to the sign so we can have our new sign lit up at night with LED lighting.

Thanks to Bill and those involved for their efforts on this great project!


Detail provided by Bill Kennedy